Wellness Blend - Amethyst - Rose quartz - Clear quartz


This well-balanced composition has already been used for several hundreds of years in water. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions. Rose quartz fosters tranquility and harmony. Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception. Most customers find it to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure with which VitaJuwel blend to start your collection, choose this one.


Use the Vitajuwel Wellness Hand Pour with your favourite oil or lotion.


Treat Series Spa - Wellness - Pour Spout


    All of our products are designed with devotion in the German alpine uplands, tested by friends all over the world and traditionally hand-crafted in a patented, artisanal method by master glassblowers in Bohemia.


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    Studies show: Those who think positively are not only more successful, but also happier, healthier and more self-confident. So why not implement happiness in our everyday lives and make it a routine?

    Our new dosing dispenser pump! HAPPINESS brings joy and happiness into your life. And that with every "pump". This unique and hand-picked mixture of gemstones will help you approach each day with optimism and positive thinking. According to gemstone customers, the deep orange carnelian lifts the mood and helps to stay sociable. Luminous orange calcite gives you soothing rays of sun even on cloudy days, while the calming green of jade, according to Far Eastern mythology, provides a little bit of luck every day.

    Our dosing dispenser pump! Is ideally suited to complete scented soaps and caring body oils. Alternatively, you can also store your hand hygiene gel in style, for example. As you can see, the new dispenser offers endless possibilities. Let your creativity and your wishes run free!

    Use and cleaning are very easy. Simply fill your pumper with a product of your choice. After a very short time, you can use and enjoy your gemstone soap or gemstone oil. Of course, we guarantee the unique quality of VitaJuwel here too.

    The dispenser consists of particularly resistant borosilicate glass, a silicone hose, a stainless steel attachment for pumping and - as with our ViA bottles - of a removable gemstone module, which can be exchanged as the mood takes you.

    Our dispenser can be opened from two sides. Both the pump! Top and the gemstone module can be unscrewed and cleaned in the simplest possible way. We ask you to note that the individual parts, with the exception of the glass body, are not dishwasher-safe.

    With VitaJuwel you can enjoy hand-picked gemstones and integrate a healthy dose of optimism into your life without the time-consuming cleaning of the individual gemstones. The completed gemstone module guarantees the lasting shine of the stones and lifelong use and enjoyment of your gemstone mixture. Look forward to this unique accessory that will beautify your life and make every day your "lucky day"!


    Crystal Virtues love, harmony, balance, self-confidence, mind, inner strength
    Delivery Dosing dispenser
    Specification  Height approx. 20 cm, diameter approx. 6.7 cm. | Suitable for all commercially available hygiene and disinfectant gels.
    Material Borosilicate glass, precious stones, stainless steel, bpa-free plastic
    Care  Hand wash