How do I care for my Vitajuwel or Inu product?

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your product:

1. Your Vitajuwel or Inu bottle is made of glass. Handle it with the same care as you would handle a precious glass-made drinking vessel.

2. Your Vitajuwel or Inu is not dishwasher-safe. Wash it by hand using lukewarm running water; do not use chemicals or abrasive cleansers.

3. Do not expose your VIA or Inu bottle or vial to temperatures below 7°C or over 35°C. Do not freeze, boil or microwave.

4. Before every use make sure your vial is free of any cracks or other damages. If your vial has cracks or other damages, stop usage immediately.

5. Slight discolorations in your vial's liquid may result from the gems and are not harmful nor do they in any way negatively impact the use of this product.

6. Not for use by Children under the age of 6 years